Corporate Solutions

Corporate or office contracts

We understand the value of your clients and partners, as we do the same with ours. We realize the importance to be grateful and unique. Julia Volet brand has created a fully customized corporate gifts collection that consists of:

  • personalized candles (branded with logo, message or name);
  • office spray (perfumed spray for creating unique visitors experience);
  • Julia Volet Gift Box (exclusive branded fully customized selection of gift items).

We believe in creating memories: we assure to work to elaborate the most remarkable gift experience.

Julia Volet creates the unique floral experience for individual, governmental or corporate needs.

The perfumed candle collection or unique floral bouquet could be the great gift idea for events giveaways, CRM, or simply as an interior décor.

We work close with big brands in the UAE, and will be happy to cooperate. We also organize master-classes for floral design and candle-making.

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