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Your wedding is the most precious day and that you will celebrate – and your flowers should be mesmerising and transform the space. At Julia Volet we’re seriously OCD about our flowers, choosing the exact shades, tones and textures to complement your dress, your venue and your style.

We take your wedding as seriously as you do and will always meet you for a personal consultation to talk about your ideas, plans, colour schemes and even stationary – it all builds a picture of how you want your day to feel, the vibe for your flowers and the style. It’s your event, and we always put you at the centre of it, that’s why every wedding we do is bespoke and tailored just for you, from the flowers used, to the vases and vessels, installation ideas and ribbons. Unlike other wedding florists, we are happy to stay at the ceremony to pin buttonholes, and to move the arrangements around between the ceremony and reception – were bursting with ideas to make your day unique AND to help you get the most from your budget.

And trust us when we say that flowers have the ability to totally lift a space, bring interest to a venue and set the tone of your big day.

We floralise (yes, we’re making this a word!) lots of Dubai’s events venues with sensational flowers and blooms.

For seasonal, local, unusual and natural wedding flowers with impact, that are both fabulous and memorable please contact us.

Extraordinary Events



Make your event memorable with incredible flowers that will get your guests talking and project your brand, brilliantly. We tailor your flowers to your event and venue in order to create the perfect atmosphere to wow your clients and create a lasting experience, from the colour and style to the scent and set-up of our bespoke floral designs.

Flowers needn’t be an after-thought, they can completely change and lift the look of a space, while a living installation is guaranteed to get plenty of attention, grabbing Instagram and Twitter posts, and publicising your event or PR launch more widely than you ever imagined.

We will always come and meet with you, appraise the venue space to come up with creative and unique ideas, and offer you a range of solutions to meet your brief and your budget.

We do them! Julia Volet creates bespoke, contemporary flowers, arrangements and installations for corporate clients, office contracts, pub and restaurant flowers and corporate events in Dubai and beyond.

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