I'm honored to announce: the opening of new #juliavolet shop located at The Beach, Al Ghazal reastaurant. It is not just a shop. It is the venue with creative and inspirational ambience thatbis decried by various flowers. I try to share a part of my heart: and explore it and get acquainted with Julia Volet Brand. Now I'm closer to all Dubai Marina, JLT and JBR residents. See you, Julia Volet
Being the Best as a business motto: Julia Volet team has successfully completed Floral Design Course with our one great florists and updated knowladge and skills. Julia Volet Brand is about perfection - we don’t comptomise on a quality, style and design. We assure unique gifting experience for those who is searching to impress and express the right feelings to the close people. For all ocasions, corporate and individual, we work hard to bring the most sophisticated ideas into life. Stay toned to discover new services. Creating memories, Julia Volet
Inhale the moment. Close your eyes to see the idea and feel the area around you: touch the wall with your sights and draw the lines in your mind for structuring the space. One more deep breath... My name is Julia Volet, and I am creator. I develop my own brand devoting my life to flowers and candles collections. Today I’d like to open the curtains behind the floral decoration at one of the signature hotel chain in the UAE - Jumeirah Al Saadiyat Island. Exhale... It’s time to see the results Julia Volet, Creating memories
Do you like surprises? Well, I do. My mom called me this morning saying that she has just arrived to Dubai and currently on the way to my house. Well, that is great news, but wait! I need to surprise her back and great a welcoming ambiance for her visit. I have 30 min to make my house cozy and buy groceries. And I guess, I have some ideas how to create a wow table bouquet out of the items you can easily find in supermarket. Yalla
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