When Julia Volet set up Julia Volet Botanics in 2014, she had one aim in mind. “I wanted to sell simple, yet stylish flowers, beautifully presented to the UAE market. And I knew people would love it.”

With a strong sense of colour and design and genuine passion for flowers, it has proved to be winning combination, establishing Julia Violet Botanics as the premier name in Dubai’s flower market – and beyond.

Widely considered as a trendsetter in the art of floral design. Julia Volet, an entrepreneur and founder of the platform for representing personal identity with her Dubai based studio has expanded her passion for flowers into a collection of exquisitely scented candles and luxury fragrances dedicated to creating a sensory experience of how the scent can transform space; mood and atmosphere.


In collaboration with world class perfumers, Julia Volet candles and fragrances collection is a result of a careful and selective development. Each fragrance takes its inspiration from our own experiences and aims to tell a story or bring back memories.


Julia Volet candle making process is an authentic example of handmade craftsmanship and combination of top quality raw materials, hard work and dedication.